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Clevedon School

Summer School 2021

In August 2021 we were delighted to make the most of the Department for Education’s funding to run a week long Summer School for students in Year 6 due to be starting with us in Year 7 in September.  It was a fantastic week of learning and activities with staff and students making the most of every opportunity following a daily theme of literacy, practical numeracy and enrichment opportunities. 

Our main aims for the summer school were for students to get to know and build relationships and a sense of community with staff and fellow peers; to familiarise themselves with the new school environment and learning, and to build confidence, routines and skills, especially in the area of literacy linking into our ‘Reconnected Curriculum’.

Dates: Monday 2nd August – Friday 6th August 2021 inclusive.

Number of Students Involved: All future Year 7 students were invited to take part in summer school with a total of 92 students attending over the course of the week:

Monday = 70 students

Tuesday = 85 students

Wednesday = 79 students

Thursday = 81 students

Friday = 77 students

Staffing:  Mainly staffed by Clevedon School Teaching and Support Staff, with additional staffing from feeder Primary Schools

Student Teams:  Students were grouped into 3 teams (A, B and C), with each team having both a group 1 and a group 2.  These teams operated as teaching groups throughout the week working through a rotation of 3 main sessions per day: Literacy, Practical Numeracy and Cultural and Enrichment Activities. 

 Weekly Itinerary / Themes:






Intrepid Explorers

How can we benefit from being 'explorers?'

Orienteering and Forest Skills


Proactive Problem Solvers

When can problem solving really make a difference?

Teambuilding and Circus Skills


Creative Creatures

Who/What/When inspires most creativity?

Music / Art


Inspiring Leaders

What can we learn from inspiring leaders?

Small Group Sign-up Options


Active Motivators

Why is being active a benefit to us?

Sports incl. Frisbee Golf

For the Thursday activities session, students were given the option to choose a first and second choice from a list of pre-published activities including movie making, climate change cinema and multi-sports activities.


Total funding claimed = £27907.00

Staffing costs = £ 16975.00

Catering Costs = £ 2000.00

Costs of resources = £9365.58

Resources included the purchasing of the following for continued use and of benefit to students in all years:

  • Set of Literature texts: “Lion: A Long Way Home”
  • Class set of Ukuleles and PA system
  • 9-hole Frisbee Golf Set
  • Official orienteering map of school site
  • Class set of resources for Circus Skills activities
  • Art equipment

Clevedon Summer School 2021 - Welcome and Reflections

Letter - Summer School

Letter 2 - Summer School