Clevedon School

Clevedon School

The Whole Student

Our responsibility is to build the whole student, one who is organised and who has the appropriate skill set for life beyond Sixth Form. During their time with us, our students add to their personal profile in a number of ways.


Our students stand out for their willingness to participate and to take risks. We encourage this ethos by creating opportunities through which students can successfully achieve their aspirations. As a consequence our students will develop a full and varied positive university Personal Statement or Curriculum Vitae.


Our students are encouraged to be empowered learners, who know how to make the most of their opportunities and potential through appropriate learning strategies for different situations. They gain this knowledge through our Sixth Form curriculum, skills workshops, Foundation lectures and peer mentoring.

Sixth Form projects, social activities, lessons and co-curricular experiences including various trips and visits offer our students a variety of individual and team work challenges, leading to confident and competent young adults.


From day one we impress on our students the importance of punctuality and good attendance. Electronic registering ensures transparency about both overall and individual subject attendance; the clear correlation between attendance and achievement is emphasised from outset to outcomes.

The independent nature of Sixth Form study requires effective time management skills, and these are discussed and modelled with students through lessons, work shops and mentoring.

From the outset, our students are coached in study skills, note-taking, filing and revision tips - competencies to ensure that information overload is minimised and they leave us fully equipped for either further study or future employment. 


Visitors consistently comment on the high community engagement of our students. This involvement is diverse and ranges from positions of responsibility as Head Students, running student led committees or being librarians in the Xenia library. Students are given a range of opportunities to display leadership through the Youth Parliament, Sixth Form Leadership Team and organising student led projects such as the school newspaper The Nightingale.