Clevedon School

Clevedon School


The LGBTQ+ group is a safe and non-judgemental student led group that any student can join. They meet weekly to discuss key topics. 

Group Statement:

The LGBTQ+ group is a student-driven movement borne out of the need for solidarity and change. The past few years have seen many positive developments in society, but we believe that there is progress to be made.

We believe that everybody in our school community should support one another to be who we truly are. Every day we should celebrate our authentic identities. We demand greater representation across the curriculum, explicit teaching of LGBTQ+ topics, and deeper understanding of language that can cause offense.

Through fostering representation, education and respect, we aspire to create a safe and happy environment, full of pride in ourselves and our history.

The North Somerset LGBTQ+ Forum runs the following groups:


2nd Wednesday of every month – Youth Group

3rd Wednesday of every month – Parents, carers and friends group


Charity | North Somerset LGBT Forum | Weston-super-Mare (