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Curriculum Statement of Intent 2023


The Clevedon curriculum is ambitious for our students. We recognise the unique nature of each individual and believe it is important to nurture their talents and instil a passion for learning. Fundamental to our curriculum lies a focus on knowledge that is rich, challenging, and facilitates more than academic achievement. We encourage creativity in every student in every subject, combining it with the knowledge needed for every facet of life. In this way, we challenge all of our students to be the best they can possibly be. Our broad curriculum promotes academic excellence evidenced by high quality qualifications that act as a springboard for employment or academia.  

The Clevedon curriculum shapes our students’ character. Our curriculum promotes independent thought and intellectual curiosity. Our questioning deepens students’ experience of critical thinking, as they discover the role of learning in their life journey.

Our focus on the practice of reading and oracy is at the curriculum’s core. Through literature we kindle students’ imagination, sparking engagement in school and the wider community. Students learn how to be kind citizens, discussing big societal questions and gradually forging their individual identities. Enrichment is the thread that runs through the heart of the school. Students are given the opportunity to trial, engage and excel in many activities. It is here that our young people find meaning, new and existing passions are ignited, and career pathways are often formed.

The Clevedon curriculum reflects our community. Our curriculum is designed to promote ambition, excellence, and a desire to contribute. Students develop their character and learn more about their sense of place locally and globally. We offer opportunities for all students to experience and learn about different cultures, whilst recognising the importance of British values and cultures.  In addition, we recognise that learning is life-long. To this effect,  our extended Clevedon outreach curriculum welcomes the community to join us, so we can continue life’s learning journey together in kindness and brilliance.

The Clevedon curriculum is inclusive.  The school supports students to access the full curriculum in all key stages. This includes personalised approaches for students, identifying student needs, access arrangements and reasonable adjustments in the classroom.  The team delivers a tailored curriculum and additional programmes of study to meet the specific needs of some students.  Support is delivered within class; removal from class for one-to-one or group work; workshops for students and parents; and by individualised programmes. 

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